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/// Rosegreen 4 cats - Putting cats & Kittens 1st

Accommodation at Rosegreen 4 Cats is purpose built by a national boarding cattery manufacturer. with each suite comprising of its own separate leisure and sleeping areas. Each of our cat guests enjoy a private, fully enclosed exercise area, where they can exercise throughout the day and a separate quiet area where they can settle down and relax.

Cat Suites

Each appartment has been designed to keep guests as comfortable and content as possible. They benefit from a temperature controlled environment that ensure the suites are cosy in the winter and cool in the summer and panoramic views so that guests, when not playing or exercising, can simply sit back and enjoy watching the birds and wildlife.

Family Suites

Our 8 Luxury Family Suites located in the North Lodge are amazingly spacious where up to four cats from the same household can enjoy the sense of security being kept together as a family unit. The appartments each have a scratch post and plenty of comfortable beds and hiding places.

Security & Safety

The security and safety of guests is of paramount importance to us. Our safety corridors and airlock proceedures ensure that guests are kept secure during their stay. We have CCTV cameras covering all access points to Rosegreen as well as the cattery suites. The CCTV records 24 hrs per day and is monitored from the reception and from a remote site. Our guests also benifit from our commitment to a presence on site 24 hrs per day.

Nutrition Planning

We cater for all dietary requirements and provide only the brand quality pet food to our guests. We offer a wide range of dry food including regular, kitten, sensitive, mature and bladder health. The food comes in a range of flavours to ensure maximum variety and enjoyment at feeding time. We appreciate that some guests will prefer wet foods especially those who have had previous urinary conditions and this is also catered for. We are happy to feed veterinary prescription diets however owners are required to bring sufficiant with them.

Cat Care Team

Our cat care team all hold pet first aid certificates and recieve regular CPD, they are experienced in dealing with cats that require medication or a care plan. As well as providing lots of loving care, we can administer pills by mouth or in food, apply creams, ointment or drops as necessary. The majority of our special cats come on refferal from veterinary surgeries. Cats enjoy our spacious, warm and engaging suites and are less likely to be as stressed staying with us than they would be in a recovery cage in a vet surgery.

/// Rosegreen - Where Cats Feel at Home

At Rosegreen we have created a calm and tranquil environment to ensure our cat guests can enjoy their stay with us to the full.

We want guests at Rosegreen to feel immediately at home so we encourage owners to bring a favourite item such as bedding or blankets so their cat feels as comfortable and calm as possible.

Our dedicated team of professionals all cat lovers will ensure every guest is happy. Regularly playing with those that want to or simply giving them a lap to sit on and a reassuring cuddle.

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