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Is your kitty looking a little worse for wear? Does your cat have matted and uncomfortable fur? Speak to our team about our cat grooming and other services. Because Kitties need somewhere just for them!

Cat Grooming - Prices From comb out £20 - DeMatt £30 Lion Clip £50

Although cats do groom themselves it is often the case that they will need some extra attention now and again. Long-haired, elderly, less active, overweight and even short-haired cats will all benefit from regular grooming. Whatever kitty needs from a comb out of a few matts to a complete lion clip to relieve cats from painfull large matts pulling on skin and reducing movement of joints, we can help restore their coat and maintain it using specialist tools and expert handling techniques without the danger and stress of anaesthetics at a veterinary surgery.

Nail Clipping - £10

Cats require their nails to be healthy, and overgrown nails can be both a nuisance and an unnecessary cause of pain. Older cats, those with ongoing conditions, indoor and long haired cats can always do with a helping hand to keep them in top condition. Nails that are too long can embed in skin leading to pain, infection, difficulty in walking as well as catching on home furniture and carpets.

Microchipping - special offer only £10.00

Having your cat micro-chipped can save a lot of heartbreak. If the unthinkable happens and your cat is stolen or gets lost a vet, rescue centre or dog warden can scan your animal and reunite you quickly. Saving you and your cat a lot of suffering and heartbreak. We have a number of experienced and trained staff able to microchip your cat and are able to offer a less stressful cat only environment. Why not book your cat to be microchipped while on their holidays.

/// A regularly Groomed Cat is a Healthy Cat

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/// Dunfermline - Cat Grooming Clinic

Rosegreen 4 Cats offers the ultimate anaesthetic free grooming experience. It really is the safest and least stressful experience for cats and kittens and their owners. We have qualified staff able to deliver a number of procedures such as microchipping, nail clipping, health checks and grooming, ideal for old and young cats or those unable to tolerate an anaesthetic in a stressful mixed animal veterinary clinic.

All our Rosegreen 4 Cats colleagues are trained in cat care and dedicated to the welfare of your cat and kitten. With most of them experienced cat owners themselves and having worked in veterinary practice they understand how important it is for your cat to be handled in a calm, stress free and cat only environment. So whether you are looking to avoid an anaesthetic for an elderly cat or simply dislike waiting in a busy reception full of dogs our colleagues are on hand to help you make the right choices for you and your cat.

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